How much fragrance oil to use

By Van Boolen

How to calculate how much candle fragrance oil to use

Working out how much fragrance to use involves a lot of experimentation. Every wax, fragrance and dye (if you use one) have different properties and so finding the correct balance takes time and patience. Saying that, there are a few golden rules when it comes to calculating how much fragrance oil to use.

If you are using a stronger scent, typically you should use between 6-8% fragrance oil to soy wax. If the scent is more subtle, you can use higher ratio’s such as 8-10% but for safety and a healthy wick we do not recommend any more than 10%.

Every soy wax you purchase should include within the labelling the maximium scent load. This percentage will inform the maximum amount of fragrance oil that will safely blend with the wax.

The most accurate way of measuring your fragrance oil is to measure in grams instead of millilitres. As oils differ in densities, to avoid any miscalculations, measuring in weight is a far better way of ensuring you are using the right amount.

Use the following formula to calculate your fragrance oil weight:

[grams of wax used in 1 x candle] x [percentage of fragrance oil you wish to use] = [grams of fragrance oil required per candle]

For example, if you are making a candle with 200 grams of wax and you decide to add 8% fragrance oil to the candle, then you would calculate it as follows:

500 x 0.08 = 16 grams

It’s as simple as that. Now use your scales to weight out the required fragrance oil.

Note – When using fragrance oils, never exceed the recommended amount or exceed the soy wax maximum scent load. Please also ensure you stay below the fragrance oil flash point temperature. If you have any questions you can get in touch at

This guide is intended to help you make your own scented soy candles.

Disclaimer: We have taken every effort to ensure that this guide is as accurate as possible. However Van Boolen cannot guarantee or take responsibility for any errors or omissions in this information.Van Boolen intends for this information to be used as a guide only and accepts no responsibility for actions or outcomes that are a consequence of using the information above. Please take every safe precaution in the making of candles, or experimentation of the candle making process.

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