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About Us

Every Van Boolen product is conceived and crafted with one goal in mind: the idea that we can help create simple moments that you can unwrap and enjoy anytime of day, wherever you are. This goal keeps us inspired. Whether you live life on-the-go, rushing from one meeting to the next, or you’re just overwhelmed trying to manage the hecticness of daily life at home, we all deserve a little break. A chance to refresh our minds and hit reset on the day. We specialise in creating these moments.

Van Boolen’s production begins with our commitment to sourcing the finest, natural materials from around the world. All of our products are handcrafted from sustainable sources and eco friendly ingredients, backed by a deep understanding of the science of nature and preserving our environment. We ensure that all of our packaging is recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable. Our dedication to responsible luxury not only allows you to enjoy a finer experience, but it also ensures that the world around us can enjoy it too. 

And as with all great gifts, we’ve hand-wrapped ours with detail and care and marked it with a symbol for you to remember us by. Our signature wax seal finished with every product as our guarantee of quality. 


Van Boolen Quality Wax Seal

Our wax seal is our symbol of quality. It means that your product has been carefully crafted with detail and care. It means its freshness and enjoyment is guaranteed. But above all else, it means it has been hand made with our very high standards. Those standards start at the very beginning of our process with the ingredients we source and finish with the wax seal.

Packaging and the environment

Luxury packaging without the environmental cost. We really care and by using eco-friendly, recyclable and (where we can) biodegradable materials for all of our packaging, it’s yet another way to practice sustainable production and living. We are working towards being 100% plastic free. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Vegan Friendly

Truth be told, we are friendly to everyone... but we want you all to know that our products are vegan friendly, contain no animal by-products and have not been tested on animals.

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